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posted Apr 07, 2011 17:00:20 by Soriah97

November 29th, 2010 time 0500
“Run, Ray, run, they’re coming!” someone yelled. Bang, bang, bang, someone’s pounding on the door.
“This is the police, open this door. Don’t make us bust in.” Bang, bang, bang! Then, a thud and a crash the police were in I have to hide.
“Soriah down here,” someone whispered from beneath the floor boards. I picked up one of the boards and slipped down the where they were. As I was sliding down I heard three blood curdling screams and knew some of our allies were in trouble and that they had been caught.
“What are we to do?” I asked.
“I don’t know Soriah now shush they are almost here,” Nikki said. I stopped talking and listened to the pounding footsteps, rumbling shouts and terrifying screams of defiance. Someone tapped my shoulder and I turned to see them waving me towards the tunnel so I follow them. When we were clear I asked who was caught.
“Alyssa, Alice, Ann, and Chad,” Someone said.
“So we have no leader now that Alice is gone,” I said
“Soriah, Alice made you leader,” said Ray.
“Me but I’m only thirteen!” I exclaimed
“Yes but you’ve lived like this the longest and know how to control it,” Ray said.
“I’m not good at anything though,” I said.
“Soriah you’re good at a lot of things,” Elle stated.
“Like what?” I asked.
“Let’s see archery, sword fighting, stealth, and magic, also leading us away from anything we can’t handle.” Alex said.
What a wonderful day for me, already it is six am and I am now leader of a highly disliked group known as the shadow thieves. Of course we only steal what we need like food, clothes, and medicine.
If you are wondering who we are, we are a small group of people who can shift into animals depending on our mood. Sadly we can’t very well control when we shift, but it tends to help us girls when we are out on the back streets being followed by one of the many gangs. The reason why people follow us is because our appearance is one of a perfect angel but our wings are never seen. All girls are tall, slim, and curvy; the boys are tall, slim, but muscular and intimidating. Looking like that can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the situation. Usually us girls have to go out and about with one of the guys for protection, but a lot of us are dating each other so we don’t mind except me because I’m not dating anyone. I will write later but for now I must plan, we need shelter and food.

November 29th, 2010 time 2100
We are finally settled in new living quarters and have some men scouring the city for food and some of the girls out hunting. I am at HQ studying the blueprints of our new home. I have to decide where we are going to place escape exits and where everyone is going to sleep including myself. Maybe I should write a list of the people who need housing.
(Name)- (Name) = Boyfriend girlfriend boys on right girls on left
• *Alice 27- *Chad 27
• *Ann 17- Alex 18
• *Alyssa 23- Rhett 22
• *Monica 16- Ben 18
• *Ray 32- Zebediah 29
• *Soriah 13
• *Elle 13- *Adam 13
• *Mia 15- Cooper 20
• *Sydney 14- Austin 16
• *Juliana 26- Hunter 23
• *Annemarie 25- Ashton 24

November 30th, 2010 time 0700
I am awake as always before everyone else, I could fix everyone breakfast but truly I think I’ll just meditate under the stars. Meditating helps all of us control when we change and that’s why I am best at controlling myself because I meditate the most often. I hear noises in the kitchen I wonder who it is maybe Ray she is always an early riser. I guess I’ll go check if it is Ray she won’t even let me cook she knows I am horrible at cooking.
“Hey Ray Your up early,” I said.
“Yeah I know but I’m the only one who will cook for all of us,” Said Ray
“Well I could help if you want.”
“No that’s fine I’m good why don’t you go meditate.”
“Ok fine with me call me when breakfast is ready.”
“I will, now go on get out of here you are not wanted in here.”
“Ok I’m going.”

Well as I thought it was Ray cooking and now it’s just a matter of time before the others wake up. Right now I should meditate so I will be able to plan the rescue of our allies. I have some old friends of mine scouting the area where our captured allies were taken they should get back to me today hopefully soon.

November 30th time 0800
Everyone’s awake I can hear them moving around they are quite loud if you ask me. Zebediah is splicing into the main power source of the house so we can have some electricity. He is our main tech man and can hack any computer or account he also can track electricity to its source. Once we have electricity we will be able to do so much more we just have to be careful so we aren’t tracked. Another fight is breaking out stupid idiots don’t know how to share I guess I will have to go break it up.
“Alex, Adam break it up before I crack both your heads together,” I said.
“Yes mam.” they say while untangling themselves from each other. Sadly this happens all the time always fights break out in our group but at least no one is ever severely hurt. “Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock,” Someone’s at the door but it’s not the police maybe it’s the people I sent out.
It is them but they have some more recruits for us, a boy by the name of Alec and two girls named Hannah and Micah and another boy named Mikal. They will all sleep in my room till we get them proper sleeping quarters. We will probably raid the local lumber yard and Lowes so we can add on extra rooms. They know where the others are being held and tomorrow we set out to get them back. We know lab tests are being done on them so we have to move quickly and who knows we might find more of our kind.

November 30th time 2100

“Come on everyone get to bed we got a long day ahead of us tomorrow,” I said. As I heard everyone settle down I sat at my desk and watched my new roommates they were strange to me, foreign, different yet interesting. Alec He is the strangest and the only one whose emotions I can’t read he is like a closed book like me. He is watching me now I swear he can see straight into my soul.
“How old are you?”He asked
“13 turning 14 next November,” I replied
“You’re so young yet your friends trust in you is never ending.”
“Yah I know that’s why I have to get my friends back.”
“Then in your quest for your friends return I shall help you.”
“Thank you I will need all the help I can get.”
“Your welcome, now get some sleep we have a long day ahead of us.”
As I fell asleep I thought, *Who is this guy and how does he affect me so much never in my life had I had someone make me so happy just by talking to me what is happening to me. Maybe just maybe I am starting to like him but how is that possible I have never liked a person in my life. There is something different about him though something intriguing but sweet at the same time. Jeez what is happening to me I swear I’m going crazy. Maybe Ray can help me she is very smart.* I get up and go to Ray’s and Zebediah’s room and knock on the bright sunset orange door.
“Who is it?” called Ray.
“It’s Soriah.”
“Ok just give me a minute hon.”
“OK I’ll be in the living room.” I get up and walk to the living room to wait for Ray. When Ray comes out I tell her to sit in the couch.
“What is it that you need Soriah?”
“I am in need of some girl advice.”
“Ah is my little friend crushing on someone.”
“Yes, no, I don’t know that’s the thing.”
“Soriah hon, if you do have a crush on someone you don’t have to worry about it, a crush is a very simple thing.”
“Ray I don’t even know the kid that’s the thing that’s why I’m scared I don’t even know if he’s the good guy or not.”
“Soriah who do you think you have a crush on?”
“Alec, I think I like Alec.”
I was in the kitchen when I heard Ray and Soriah talking so I turned into a Fennec Fox so I could hear what they said. I was surprised to hear that Soriah liked me but hurt that she didn’t fully trust me. *Maybe she would learn to trust me after I rescue her friends. Nobody knows I can become invisible so I’m able to sneak in and release the prisoners while everyone is locked in battle. I am not a shape shifter like they are; I can only shift into a fox or eagle. I am a fallen angel and without my necklace my black wings would be visible. I know that if Soriah finds out about my wings and who I am she would no longer trust me. Nobody would ever trust especially since I was once an Archangel. I was the youngest Archangel but also one of the smartest even smarter then Mikal and Gabriel combined. I was cast out of heaven because I disobeyed the lord and went against his will. Now I am stuck on earth until I am struck down by another Archangel. The lord, he will probably send Gabriel the one always eager to please.*

November 31st, 2010 time 0600
“Come on everyone wake up we got a job to do today let’s go get up you lazy bums,” I called out my voice ringing through the house. Today we were going to rescue my friends and any other people like us captured by the evil scientists. We were to attack at 0800 right when they first opened so they will be weak and tired and we will be wide awake and ready to fight. We will train for one hour then rest for the other hour so we will be well rested for the fight. The scientists won’t even know what hit them. They took my friends and now they get to feel my wrath because nobody takes my friends and gets away with it.

I was already awake and was going over the floor plans of the lab trying to figure out where they were holding the prisoners.* If I could figure that out we would know where to focus our attack force which seems to be very strong, they all know how to use there aggression to there advantage. Of course Soriah is the best she can swing her sword like a master painter with his paint brush it is as if it was a mere extension of her arm. Her skills with the bow and arrow are phenomenal as well every time she hits the direct center of the target splitting her own arrows in two. Obviously she has practiced the art of swordsmanship and bowman ship all her life which I know is longer then thirteen years.* I get up and walk into the kitchen where everyone was meeting up getting ready to head out.
“Alright everyone the plan is to blitzkrieg them and knock out there forces then we find our allies,” said Soriah.
“Actually I know where your allies are held so we should just blitzkrieg that area,” I said.
“And where did you find this information out at?” asked Soriah
“Easy I found a map of the facility and on the map I found the cells where they keep their larger test subjects.”

*Who did he think he was making me look like a fool in front of everyone else? He knows how much of their trust I need and he might of just blown that through the water.
“What escape plans do you have for us oh so wonderful knight of the dark.”I said my voice full of contempt
“Easy blow a hole in the wall.”I said icily

Ouch that hurt she can be harsh sometimes. But of course I probably made her look like an idiot when I came up with the better plan. Maybe I should be a little more careful because I can see her trying to rip my head off while I sleep.

“Ok everybody gear up it’s time for battle!”
“Cazako furnendo” Everyone shouted then they went off to get their armor and weapons.
“What was that about?” Alec asked.
“Cazako Furnendo means free the captured kill the capturers.”
“Ah a good motto for you guys.”
‘Yes it seems to get them pumped because they are all very loyal and love to hunt which they do every time there is a fight against an enemy.”
“Hmm always a good idea to have a good motto.”
I smile then run off after the gang to get my armor and weapons. I grab my hand made bow and arrows a quiver two swords two daggers and five knives I seriously looked like an assassin and I was 100% ready to assassinate. At least I was until I saw what we were versing. The enemy had tanks, choppers, and even fighter jets. I saw this all as we sat in some bushes observing the enemy base. Each machine had a person in it looks like we’ll have to go in as birds but that means ditching our weapons. Man, will the boys love that.
“Ok people we have to fly in as birds that means lose the big weapons keep the knives and daggers though they won’t be see in our plumage.”
“Wait why do we have to ditch our weapons” asked Mikal.
“Have you seen their machines Mikal I don’t really want to verse those.”
“I’ll take the weapons they won’t be able to see me you can pick them up where we shall rendezvous,” Alec said.
“Ok that’s a good plan meet in the back yard,” I said “Oh and how come they won’t see you”
“Cause I can turn invisible,” said Alec. I nod then take to the air using my raven wings to blend in with the still, dark, night sky. I saw Alec begin to flicker then turn invisible amazing what some of us could do. I nod towards him while waiting for the others. I watch weapons appear in front of us and find mine in the pile then wave the others to do the same. When we were all armed I split us into three groups one to go inside, one to watch the machines, and one to go in through the roof. When everyone was in position I waved my hand and the groups moved out. I went with the group going inside and used my wolf form to find the scent of our allies.When I picked up the scent I flicked my tail then followed it till I got to the cells. I stopped when I saw three guards I could take out two but I needed someone else to take out the third. I crouch down ready to pounce and wait for my marksman Alex to get a lock in the third. When he nods I lunge forward and take down one while listening to the flying arrow then spin and take out the other. When they were out I went to the closest cell and saw Ann, Alyssa, and Alice.
“Alyssa, your ok.”
“Alex is that you?”
“Both of you shut up. Alex get the keys.”
“Yes Ma’am.” I turn to Alyssa and smile then go down further looking into the next cell to see two boys and a girl the girl and one of the boys were beat up and pale but the other boy was fine. I could tell that the two beat up kids had been here for awhile just by the way they looked and I could tell that the other kid had just arrived here. I looked up as I heard a cell being opened and saw that Alex had the keys, when the first cell was open I took the keys to open this cell. When I had it open I roused the uninjured kid then decided to carry the other two. I picked up the girl and carried her out of the cell where I passed her off to someone else then went back in for the two boys.
“Who are you?” asked the eldest boy the one not hurt.
“My name is Soriah and I am the same as you we came here to get you out.”
“Where am I?”
“A top secret lab for testing on people like us.”
“Who is he?”
“I don’t know but we need to get out can you walk?” He nods then turns wolf and pads out of the cell. I grab the other boy then follow him and we head back outside. When we get out I think of how we were going to get out with out getting seen.
“Alec can you turn yourself and him invisible then fly out then come back for the girl.” I ask
“Yes I will meet all of you back in the woods.”
“Don’t forget about our weapons.”
“I won’t.” I nod then turn into a finch and take off towards the woods with everyone behind me. I landed and watched the boy appear then the girl then our weapons. I picked up my weapons then picked up the boy and headed towards our home. I set the boy down on one of the mats in my room and sent Elle to get some medicine and our medical kit. When she got back I gave both the kids the medicine then patched their wounds. After I was done I sent everyone out then turned on my star machine and meditated. I am not a Buddhist monk I am actually Christian but meditating is the only way I can calm down and I needed to be calm for my family. After about three hours I heard movement and opened my eyes to see the boy and girl waking up. When they saw me they jumped up but then realized I was only a kid.
“W..WH…who are you?” asked the girl.
“My name is Soriah and I am like you but older then you.”
“Where are we?” asked the boy.
“You are in the safe house. Are you hungry?” They both nod so I stand up and motion for them to follow. They exchanged glances then refused to move.
“Come on I won’t hurt you let’s go to the kitchen and eat the others are waiting for us.”
“Who are the others?”
“More people like us but a little rowdy sadly.” The girl smiles and I smile back at her then open the door and again motion for them to follow me. When they do come I lead them to the kitchen where everyone was getting ready to eat.
“Hey everyone quiet down your giving me a headache.” They quiet down as I walk in the two newcomers behind me.
“Let us introduce ourselves before we eat. I’ll start first. My name is Soriah and I am the leader of our group also the oldest yet youngest one hear.”
“My name is Alice and I am the former leader of the group and I am now the strategist.”
“My name is Chad and I am just a warrior.”
“I’m Ann and I am a sniper.”
“I’m Alex and I to am a sniper.”
“My name is Alyssa and I am a warrior.”
“My name is Rhett and I am the medic.”
“My name is Monica and I am an engineer.”
“My name is Ben and I am also a strategist.”
“My name is Ray and I am a bomb expert.”
“My name is Zebediah and I am the tech man.”
“My name is Alec and I am a stealth agent or spy.”
“My name is Elle and this is Adam now can you guess what we are.”
“The crazy clowns that distract the enemy.” Said Evra.
“Wrong … oh wait never mind your right.” I roll my eyes then look to Mia.
“The names Mia and I am the foreign kid.”
“I’m Cooper and I am just a normal person… that can turn into an animal.” With that he turned into a rabid squirrel and ran around everyone.”
“I’m Sydney the Australian kangaroo.”
“I’m Austin the American junky.”
“I am Juliana and this hunter we are also spies.”
“I am Annemarie the Russian infidel.”
“I am Ashton the guy who entertains everyone.” With that he pulled out a flower and squirted everyone in the face with water.”
“I am Hannah the fun loving forensics expert.”
“I am Mikal the Halo freak.”
“I am Micah the biker.”
“I am Hale the rich kid.”
“Well I am Shai and I’m just a beat up Emo chick.”
“I’m Evra and I am Shai’s protector.” Said the muscular emo guy.
“Well now that we all know each other let’s eat.” I say and everyone rushes to sit down at the table. I sit down last and tell everyone to dig in then lean back till the chaos ended then I got my food. After we finished eating I showed everyone to their rooms then led the new comers to my room where all of the guests slept. I walked in and told everyone to choose a mat then collapsed onto my canopy bed and fell asleep swiftly.

I watched Soriah as she slept then turned to Evra and Shai who were sitting in a corner talking. I could tell they were dating because Shai was in Evra’s arms and Evra looked like he would never let her go. I wondered why Soriah was so much mature yet she was the youngest one here although everyone said she was the oldest. Maybe they said that because she is so mature, more mature then me even. Right now she looked peaceful but I had a feeling that the peace would not last. I looked around the room one last time before I lay down and fell asleep.

I was having a nightmare the same one I have been having for awhile now but I thought it was gone because I went a month without having it. The nightmare was horrible because all I knew was that I was fallin and I couldn’t turn into a bird I also knew that Someone was falling with me and I had to save them but I could never see. Then I would finally stop falling and be in pain as if every bone in my body was broke and the fall hadn’t killed me. Usually once I hit the ground I would wake up screaming still in pain as if I really had fallen there would even be blood on my clothes at times.

I woke with a start and realized that it was Soriah that had woken me she was still asleep but screaming so I got up and went over to her trying to wake her but I couldn’t. I decided to go get Ray so I ran to her room and knocked.
“Who is it?”
“It’s Alec I need some help.”
“What’s wrong?” she asked while opening the door but you could not hear the screaming from here.
“It’s Soriah she’s screaming her head off but she’s still asleep and I can’t wake her up.”
“Nobody can she has to wake up on her own and she’ll need us when she awakens so let’s go.” she said while shutting the door behind me and heading to Soriah’s room.

I was still falling but I knew the person that was also falling had hit the ground and died I would be next but I wouldn’t die I never die. I would just wake up still screaming and in immense pain. When I hit the ground I didn’t scream I actually just blacked out then woke up in room covered in blood and sweat I could hear Ray and Alec coming and I could see the people in my room watching me then the pain came. I screamed as the pain hit it wasn’t slow it was fast and sharp and it hurt I could feel myself start to bleed and I curled up in a ball trying to stop the pain. I couldn’t hear or see anymore and I was close to blacking out but I couldn’t not now I had to stay strong.

Soriah stopped screaming for a moment then let out the worst scream yet so I ran down the hallway and into the room. I saw her curled up in a ball with tears running down her face which was twisted in agony. I walked over to her and sat next to her but Ray told me to move so I did. I watched as Ray started gathering things in the room and setting them next to Soriah then she put a necklace on Soriah and turned on the star machine.

Chad Alice



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