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Fallen Angel

posted Apr 08, 2011 17:29:15 by Soriah97

“How dare you betray me, my own son?”
“I’m sorry father but I couldn’t do it not to that kid.”
“You had your orders and you ignored them, now you shall live on earth or in hell and be stuck there until Gabriel comes to kill you.”
“But Father who would replace me I am the only one capable of my job.”
Leave now I shall no longer listen to your pleas.” I get up and leave there was nothing I could do. I was escorted by two new guards looks like I have a free run today. I jump up and spin kicking the two guards in a pressure point knocking them out. I take their keys and unlock my cuffs then take off and fly towards the gate the only way out of this place. Of course other guards are following time to put on the speed. Thank god I’m an Archangel otherwise I never would have lost them. The Lord he would be pissed but this is for the better and maybe he’ll realize that. I just have to get to the kid before Gabriel, I don’t have to worry about Samuel though, he won’t harm humans. One good thing about the only other Archangel being a human lover is that he won’t harm them. Oh shit here comes Ratu the fastest, strongest angel ever if he catches me I’m doomed. Thank God there’s the gates time to plummet. I tuck in my wings and plummet towards the Atlantic Ocean near the Florida bay area. Ooh hot hot hot hot hot note to self don’t plummet towards earth really quickly. Uuf ow water hurts hey a boat.
“Help please someone help me.”
“Hey what’s that in the water?”
“Looks like a person.”
“Yep, let’s turn the boat.” I watch as the boat turns and starts to come towards me.
“Hello sir do you need some help.”
“Yes what do you think this water is cold very cold and I seem to have fallen out of me helicopter?” They grab my arms and haul me into the boat good thing I was light otherwise they never would have been able to get me out. Another good thing is that I can turn my wings invisible.
“Where are you from kid?”
“Arizona, Kingman, Arizona.”
“That’s a long way from here.”
“Yeah I know I was on vacation.”
“Ok well we’ll take you to the police station so you can call your parents.”
“There will be no need for that my friends are waiting for me on shore.”
“Ok we’ll

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