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Demon Story

posted Apr 27, 2011 17:26:51 by Soriah97
My name is Ray and I am a demon. I live with mortals to cover my scent and hide me from the hunters. I became a demon when I was cast from heaven. Now I go to school like a normal kid. I have wings as black as night and 15 ft. long. No one has ever seen my wings other then my deceased brother.
Today I almost missed my bus, I had only two minutes to get ready which isn’t cool. Right now I am on the bus the place I hate the most but at least it’s Friday.
School is going well but I’d rather be outside flying. I’ve noticed a boy watching me I wonder what he wants because I know I don’t look that good. Why would the school star watch me the outcast and freak? Maybe I could ask him, never mind that’s a dumb idea.
Gah I hate 5th hour especially since it’s a class of idiots. I was supposed to go talk to the counselor but she never called me in and there is only 10 minutes left of class maybe she’ll call me during lunch. I hope I can talk to her soon maybe she’ll be able to help me. Again everyone is ignoring me but I guess that’s a good thing I’m just not used to it. I was famous in Heaven one of the Archangels practically but I made a mistake that got me in trouble and my brother killed. I will never get over that day but I have to continue living for him.
I went to lunch as always even though it was nasty but it’s free so… After lunch I then went to find Mrs. Cruse having no luck though I went outside.
I am now in math, my teacher assigned us a Bell Ringer and as always I am the first one done. Math has always come easily to me but I would rather be in P.E to test my skills.
The day has been boring as ever but it works so I’ll deal. School is over and it’s time to fly. Flying gives everyone time to think but for me it’s an escape from humanity. Yes, no one’s around time to free my wings and get this jacket off. Oh shit that boy is here well looks like I am not flying just yet.
“Hello Ray,” said he.
“Um uh hi” stammered I. Man I am such a loser for once someone is talking to me at school and I can’t even say hi.
“I was wondering if you would like to go to a party tonight I can pick you up.
“Sure I would love to I’ll see you at my house.”
“Ok I’ll be there at 7.”
“Wait what kind of party is it.”
“A formal dance party so wear a nice dress and some non dark makeup.”
“Ok I’ll see you there.”
“Cool I’m glad you’re coming.” I smiled then walked back towards my house. When at my house I took a quick shower then dried off my hair and wings. I decided to wear a dress that would match my Indian necklace and makeup to go with; all were light materials so if I had to I could fly.
I was sitting on my couch when someone knocked. I got up and opened the door to an oh so hot school star who’s name I totally forgot.
“Hello can I come in.”
“Yeah of course come on in.”
“Thank you and nice dress.”
“Thanks it’s one of my favorites.”
“Are you ready?”
“Yep I was just waiting for you.”
“Well then let’s go dance.” I smile and follow him towards his car fingering my necklace. He opened the car door for me and I hopped in tucking the skirt of my dress around me. I watched as he hopped in then drove to his house which was a huge mansion like house with two pools a sauna and a hot tub.
“Nice place.”
“Thanks we work hard to keep it. Hey I got to go set up some more why don’t you explore.”
“Ok.” I say then go and explore the house. After about ten minutes he came to find me and led me to the party area which was near the indoor pool.
“Stay in this area when the party starts other then to use the bathroom and then use the one down the hallway and all the bedrooms down the hall are open.” I nod then walk over to one of the bar stools and sit down. I watched as people started arriving and the music started. When there was a pretty large crowd I got me a drink then went back to my Bar stool. After a while I went to the bathroom and set my drink down seeing a drunken kid inside the bathroom I help her to one of the rooms. Then I went back to my drink and drank the rest of it. After ten minutes I started getting dizzy and walked towards one of the rooms to rest. I was vaguely aware of being followed but I didn’t pay any attention to it.

Chad’s Pov
I walked around the party helping people out who needed while looking for Ray who was nowhere to be seen. Maybe she was in the bathroom or one of the rooms sleeping or with a guy in one of the rooms. I thought that till I heard a cry of help come from one of the rooms. I rush in and see a guy on top of Ray and her dress sitting on the floor ripped. Then I run over and shove him off of her onto the ground when he got back up I punched him.

Ray’s POV
When I got into the room I heard the door shut behind me and felt breathing on my neck. I tensed up ready to fight but I was to dizzy then I felt hands on my shoulders turning me around. What I saw was a drunken boy from our school that I always ignored. He shoved me down onto the bed then got on top of me kissing me and rocking his hips against me. I tried to scream but I couldn’t I was too scared. I felt his hands on the front of my dress then he pulled ripping it and he pulled it off of me and tossed it to the ground. After he did that I screamed for help hoping someone would hear me. I heard someone bash into the room then the boy was off of me and on the floor and I started crying.

Chad’s POV
“Shh. It’s ok Ray its ok I’m here now don’t worry.” I said while wrapping my jacket around her and pulling her closer to me. She was shaking and I couldn’t tell if it was from terror or from the cold that suddenly washed over the room. I rub her back soothingly and waved people away who had gathered at the door. After a while she stopped crying and looked up at me. I smiled down at her she was very pretty even when she was trying to hide it.

Ray’s Pov
I looked up at Chad as I stopped crying he saved me and yet I had nothing to say to him. It wasn’t that I was mean I think I was more in shock that someone was about to rape me. That is one thing I never want to live through again. If only I was still in heaven nothing bad ever happens up there only ever does it happen on earth or in hell where that drunken jerk belongs. I looked down at the kid who was knocked out then down at my dress which was ripped and lying on the floor. I started crying again and praying for the lord to forgive me and let me come back into his ranks.

Chad’s Pov
I held Ray as she started to cry again poor girl she was probably terrified. I look around no one was near us anymore.
“Do you want to go home Ray?” I waited for an answer and she just shook her head no
“Do you want to stay here?” again no.
“Where do you want to go?”
“Away from him.” she whispered.
“Come on let’s go get you something to wear from my sisters room.”
“Will she be mad?”
“Yes but she can deal with it.”

Ray’s Pov
I nod and stand up as he stood up as well wrapping his arm around my shoulders and he led me to his sister’s room. I looked around and hated what I saw cause I was in the head cheerleaders room and I hated anything preppy. I looked for something dark but could not find anything. I watch as Chad chose a dress for me to wear so I could stay at the party. I go to one of the many bathrooms and put it on then try to salvage what makeup I still had on and get rid of my raccoon mask caused by mascara. When I went back out I found that Chad was no longer there. I walked around the party area for awhile then I went outside. I was about ready to take off when Chad came out and walked over to me. I sighed and watched, why was he always popping up when I was about ready to fly off.
“Hello Ray how are you doing.”
“Well enough.”
“Are you sure you don’t want to go home?’
“Yes I am sure I’m not going to take you away from your party.”
“The party’s over everyone is leaving.”
“Well I can call my mom to come get me.”
“No I can take you there’s no need to call your mom.”
“Why do you want to take me home so bad?”
“Because I want to make sure you do get home.”
“My mom can get me home just fine you know.”
“Why do you not want to go home with me?”
“Because I don’t, you have a problem with that.”
“Yes I want to be a gentleman and take you home but you are just blowing me off.”
“Too bad Chad sadly I don’t feel like riding in your stupid truck.” I say while texting my mom to come pick me up.
“Why are you being a B&%$*?”
“What did you just call me Chad?”
“You heard me now answer me.”
“No I don’t have to.” I say
“I’ll make you then.”
“Like you can make me do anything.” I glare at him as he walks closer to me then decide to do something really stupid. I take off my jacket and flare out my wings smiling at as he stumbled backwards.
“What the f&%# are you?”
“Your worst nightmare, Chad, the angel of death.” I say while walking towards him. I laugh as he screams then see headlights and draw my wings in and erase his memory of this past three minutes then put my jacket back on. When my mom pulled up I hopped into the car and took off his sisters dress then tossed it at him while wrapping myself in a blanket.
“Stay away from me loser and don’t try to be nice to me tomorrow.” with that my mom drove off and took me back home where I got dressed in some sweats and a t-shirt then went to the bathroom to remove my makeup. When I got all my makeup off I went to the roof and took off flying out of sight of the human eye. While I was flying I saw wings as big as mine so I veered towards them knowing it was either an angel or a fallen angel.
“Who are you?” I called out
“It’s me Hale.”
“Hale what are you doing out here?”
“I’m on the run again, Gabriel isn’t far behind.”
“You go I’ll keep him distracted.”
“OK oh and Ray thanks for everything.”
“No problem, now go I can see him.” I watch as Hale flies off then draw my daggers and face towards Gabriel. When he saw me he stopped and hovered a few feet away.
“Why are you here Gabriel.”
“To kill you and Hale but you later so be happy now move.”
“No I am not going to let you kill Hale.”
“You can’t fight me Ray.”
“Watch me I am stronger then you and faster.”
“We shall see.” With that he drew his sword and lunged at me I dodged and cut one of his wings. I smiled as he let out a cry of pain then dropped as he swung again.
“You can’t win Gabriel I was always better then you.”
“I will defeat you and deliver your head to my lord.”
“Our lord Gabriel our lord. Even though I am no longer an angel I am still a Christian.”
“I am glad I can kill you now you were to unpredictable.” I growled then lunged at him cutting off one of his precious wings. When I saw him falling I swooped down and caught him then flared my wings going towards my house. I landed on the roof and let go of him.
“Why did you save me.
“Because I won’t let you die Gabriel. I may be a fallen angel but at heart I am a true Arch angel and you know that.”
“I still have to kill you it’s my orders.”
“You are defeated Gabriel just leave you will die if you fight me now and then you will fail your mission.”
“I will leave for now but don’t think I won’t be back.” I watch as his image fades then completely disappears and I knew he was back in heaven. If I tried that I knew I would end up in hell and would never be able to escape so I’m not going to try. After he disappeared I took off in Hale’s direction finding him rather quickly I tackled him and we fell to the ground laughing.
“Jeez Ray did you miss me much.”
“Duh you’re the only person in my squad that I have seen.”
“The squad is dead Ratu got to them.”
“That little jerk I’m going to kill him if I see him.”
“Ray calm down and what are you doing out here.”
“Inviting my best friend to live with me.”
“I don’t know Ray I don’t like being tied down.”
“Please Hale we’ll be safer together.”
“Ok but I am your brother and that’s it.”
“That’s fine cause that is what I was thinking now let’s go home I’m tired.”
“I’ll carry you, you need to rest.” I nod and before he even picked me up I fell asleep so he just caught me and flew towards my house. When he got there he opened my window and climbed in then set me on my bed. After he set me down he went to the chair and sat down falling asleep very quickly. I woke up after about three hours and woke up Hale.
“Come on I’ll show you your room.” He nods and stands up to follow me and I take him to the guest bedroom. After he was settled I went to the living room to find my mom.
“Hey mom can my brother move in with us.”
“Is he like you.”
“Yes he won’t do anything he is my brother as I have said.” She nods then tell’s me to go away so I leave her room and go back to mine where I fall back asleep. When I wake up I get ready for church then go to wake up Hale.
“Come on sleepy head get up we’re going to church.”
“Huh why.”
“Just because we have been kicked out of Heaven doesn’t mean we aren’t Christians.”
“True let me get dressed I’ll meet you downstairs.” I nod then go back downstairs and make breakfast for me and Hale since my mom was already at work. When Hale came down I passed him a plate of bacon, eggs, and an omelet while eating my own.
“You always were a good cook Ray.”
“Why thank you Hale.”
“Your welcome. What church do you go to?”
“First Baptist Church.”
“Still very faithful I see.”
“Yes always faithful to the lord.”
“You always were little goody two shoes.” I smile then pick up the two plates and put them in the dishwasher. After the dishwasher was started I grabbed two jackets and tossed one at him then grabbed my car keys.
“Come on let’s go to church.”
“OK, ok I’m coming.” I walk into the garage and open it up then hop into my car and wait for Hale. When Hale gets in the car I start it then pull out and head to church.
“How old are you pretending to be Ray.”
“17 and you.”
“Hah I’m older then you now sucker.”
“Ha-ha I’m still more mature.”
“Sure you are.” I say while parking the car. I get out and lock the door before Hale could get out and laughed as he glared at me then unlocked it and got out.
“Oh yes you are so mature.”
“Yes, Yes I am now let’s go to class.”
“Nice church.”
“Yes it is and they even have there own youth group.”
“So we will be with kids our age.”
“Sort of more immature though as always.”
“I figured that much now where do we go.”
“Follow me,” I say and lead him towards the youth wing. When we got there we ere immediately greeted by the youth pastor Tommy.
“Hello Ray how are you? And who is your friend?” asked Tommy.
“I’m good and this is my little brother Hale.” I said.
“Nice to meet you Hale I’m Tommy and I am the youth pastor here.”
“Nice to meet you to.”
“Come on class is starting Ray you go to your group I’ll show Hale his.” I nod then go over to my group and sat down taking a donut for myself. After class was over I met up with Hale and led him to the sanctuary for the church service.
“Hale just sit in any of the pews but I sing for the band so I have to go up on stage.”
“Ok I’ll sit in the back with all of these old people that know you.” I laugh and hug him then go to the front of the sanctuary and got up on stage with the band. They started the song and I started singing.
“Everyone needs compassion
A love that's never failing
Let mercy fall on me
Everyone needs forgiveness
The kindness of a Savior
The hope of nations
He can move the mountains
My God is mighty to save
He is mighty to save
Author of Salvation
He rose & conquered the grave
Jesus conquered the grave
So take me as You find me
All my fears & failures
Fill my life again
I give my life to follow
Everything I believe in
Now I surrender (I surrender)
He can move the mountains
My God is mighty to save
He is mighty to save
Author of Salvation
He rose & conquered the grave
Jesus conquered the grave
Shine Your light &
Let the whole world see
We're singing
For the glory
Of the risen King
You're the Savior
You can move the mountains
Lord You are mighty to save
You are mighty to save
Author of Salvation
You rose & conquered the grave
Yes You conquered the grave

I smiled as everyone stood up clapping then went onto the next song. When I was done singing I sat down in the front pew with my band and listened to the service. After the service was over me and the band went up on stage again and started playing again. After we were done I gave the microphone to the tech man and went over to Hale who was surrounded by the seniors who were pretty much the welcoming committee.
“Hey Bonnie, Hey Fred, Hey Bev.” I said
“Hey Ray.” they all said and hugged me one at a time.
“I would like you all to meet my brother Hale.” I said
“Hello Hale.” said Bonnie and the others mumbled hello but got distracted.
“I’d like to stay and chat awhile but me and Hale have to get home I’ll see you another time Bonnie.”I said
“OK Bye honny.” said Bonnie. I smile then grab Hale’s arm and lead him out of the sanctuary and to the youth wing.
“Who are they?” asked Hale.
“Old people who adopted me as their class pet.”
“Yep. Now come on we should get home.”
“OK let’s go.” I nod then go outside checking if the coast is clear I then take off with Hale right behind me. I tilt my wings sligtly and turn towards home while going upwards so as not to be seen. When we got near the house I saw that someone was moving in next door and I cursed cause now we couldn’t land.
“Bank left we have to land somewhere else we have neighbors.”I say
“Ok will do captain.” Hale replies.
“Don’t call me that.”I growl out at him. I bank left and land in a neighbors yard who wasn’t home then walk the rest of the way home. I see our neighbors were two kids our age twins a boy and a girl and also two adults but they looked rich and rich equals snobby. I ignore the new neighbors and walk inside going up to my room with Hale following.
“Do you know who that boy was Ray.”
“No I haven’t met him yet.”
“That’s the banished prince escorted here by his sister and guards he’ll be the only one living here.”
“Really wonder what he did to get banished.”
“Saved a little kid from getting hung several times.”
“Maybe he isn’t a snobby rich kid then.”
“He hates the fact that he is rich so no he isn’t snobby.”
“Good cause snobby kids annoy me.” I glare at hale as he laughs at me then go to my window to watch them move.
“Want to go help them?” asked Hale.
“Yes it is the right thing to do come on.” I turn and walk back outside and over to their house looking at all of their stuff.
“Hello there.” I said.
“Hi might I ask who you are?” asked the prince.
“My name is Ray me and my brother Hale are your next door neighbors.” I said
“Nice to meet you my name is Chance.”
“A pleasure to meet you as well Chance. My brother and I came over to see if you would let us lend a hand in unloading your U-Hauls.”
“Yes I think I will let you help there is far to much for me my sister and our helpers to unload.” I nod and let him tell us where to start then me and Hale get to work. When we were done unloading one U-Haul we moved onto the other getting the work done in an hour then we all rested drinking lemonade my mom made for us.
“Thanks for your help without it we would have been working all night.”
“No problem we’re happy to be of a use in this community isn’t that right Hale?”
“Yep I guess it is.”
“I owe you guys one.” Said the prince, then he disappeared into his house then came back out with some money. He gave both me and Hale two-hundred dollars each even though we tried to convince him not. I put the money away then turned back to the prince.
“Where are you from Chance?”
“I am from England.”
“Do you speak French?”
“Yes do you?”
“Oui, et moi et Hale saise que vous etes le prince, mais nous ne dire a personne.”
“Comment avez-zous decouvert?”
“Nous ne sommes pas aussie stupides que vous le croyez Chance nous sevons plus que vous n’en aura jamais.”
“Comment puis-je vous faire confiance?”
“We are just two hardcore Christians that are cast out from society.”
“I am an outcast as well.”
“Not in this town you won’t be cause you have money and looks that’s all you need here.”
“I hate that when people only like you for your money.”
“I know how you feel.” I say then turn to leave.
“You leaving already?”
“Yeah I actually have homework to do.” I turn and roll my eyes then walk away back into my house.

Chance’s Pov
“What’s with her?” I ask her brother
“She doesn’t really like rich people.”
“Why not?”
“She says they are snobby most of the time.”
“Well I ain’t really the snobby type.”
“I know and I told her but she’s kind opf having a hard year so she doesn’t really listen to me.”
“Why is she having a bad year?”
“Her brother died in the war.”
“I am sorry for her loss and yours.”
“Yeah we were all in the same squad actually and she watched him die then all of our friends and teammates me and her are the last ones alive in from that squad.”
“I am very sorry to hear that.”
“I’m over it she isn’t though so don’t bring it up around her.”
“I won’t I’m not that stupid.” I narrow my eyes slightly then turn to my sister as she got in her car to leave home again and the wrokers they were already gone just me now all alone.
“Well I better be going I will being you in school right.”
“Yes tomorrow is my first day.”
“As is my first day because I just moved here yesterday.”
“We must wear uniforms right.”
“Yes me and you will get them tomorrow.” I nod then stand up and wave as he leaves then I go into my house and up to what was my room. I go over to the window and saw that my room was right across from hers so I opened my window and heard the sounds of a guitar and singing. I smiled and sat at my desk to chat with my friends while listening to her music. She was a good singer I realized but not the best at playing guitar by the sounds of things she was self taught so she probably needs some lessons. I stand up and walk over to the multiple boxes and start unpacking all of my junk. I unpacked everything in that room then went outside and over to my dog that my sister had tied up. I untied her and she ran over to Ray’s window barking and yapping at Ray and her dog.

Ray’s Pov
I hear barking and set down my guitar then go over to the window and look down at the dog. I smile and climb out of my window and jump down next to the dog using my now invisible wings to slow my fall.I smile at the dog and kneel down to pet it and it licked my hand.
“You just jumped from that window and you’re not hurt at all.”
“I have done it many times I am not weak boned like you.”
“Haha very funny at least I can act normal for once though and go to an actual school.”
“Boarding school not actual school we go to the Christian academy boarding school.”
“You are a Christian as well then?”
“Yes I am and I always will be I just wish my life was normal.”
"Your life is so much more normal then mine so don't complain."
"How do you know anything about my life you barely even know me." I growl out.
"I'm probably not making you like me anymore am I."
"No you are not and you should just stop trying."
"That probably won't happen sorry." I glare at him then turn and go to my backyard jumping over the fence easily into my yard.
"Ray attendre de revenir." I turn and get on the edge of the fence to look at him
"Que voulez-vous prince stupide?"
"Pour s'excuser d'être stupide." I sigh and tell myself to lighten up.
"J'accepte vos excuses."
"Je vous remercie et j'espère que nous pouvons être des amis un jour à l'avenir."
"Continuer à rêver garçon." I smile then jump into my yard again foolish boy he had no idea who or what I was even though I am not exactly unknown by people.

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