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.:Silver Paw Dance:. (Wolf's Rain) [Story]

posted Jan 17, 2012 20:41:01 by Lady_Amaterasu
Part One:Darcia Face off
As I stand there,stareing face to face with Darcia I am standing there frozen with fear "I can't face this guy!" I thought to myself."Whats wrong,too scared to fight?" He said mockingly,then laughed."Shut up!!" I yelled,but it didn't come out very good.I looked to my right seeing Blue on the ground coverdin blood,I saw Hige next to her,"SilverClaws don't do it,you won't beat him!!!" He yelled.And with that I charged full speed at Darcia,scared out of my mind.
Part two:Sparring
As I charge at Darcia,I am about to lunge but I couldn't,I was too scared I stoped and he then in the blink of an eye helunged at me fangs bared going for my neck,"Dammit!" I thought,as he came at me,but Inthe blink of an eye a white blurr came in front of me and knocked Darcia back,He then took off toward the mountian after Cheza.I then looked at who saved me froma horrible death,it was Kiba,he looked at me and said "SilverClaws are you all right?",I looked at him and said,"Im ok,just a little shooken up.",I lookedpast him toward the mountian and said "We have to go save Cheza!!",Kiba looked at me and said "Tusme is going to try to stop him.",I then looked over to Hige then Kiba and said"Hurry,we have to go now.",and with that we ran toward the mountian.
Part three:Darcia Showdown
Kiba,Hige and I run up the hill,and we split up Hige goes to help Tusme and I go with Kiba.Kiba and I run up the hill to Cheza,and all of a sudden I was on my back rolling because Darcia had attacked me,butIback flipped out of the roll andback onto my feet and growled.I looked at my leg and saw someblood but it was just a nick and relized I almost got my leg bitten of but then Darcia went back to fighting Tusme,I then kept following Kibabut stoped and shudderd in fear as I heard a loud cry of pain,then I thought"Hige no!!",I then ran over there and when I got there I saw Tusme growling at Darcia and Hige lying lifeless to the right of Tusme,I then looked at Tusme.He then charged at Darcia jumping on to his back sinking his teeth into his back,Darcia started trying to shake him off,he slamed Tusme into a rock and from where I was standing I saw him bite Tusme's side,then he took of and ran after Cheza as she fellof the cliff,I then saw Kiba come to Tusme and I ran to the edge of the cliff to wait because I did not want to see Tusme die,because I had secretly loved Tusme,so I did not want to see him goso I waited by the cliff,after ten minutes I saw Kiba running towards me,in the distanse I heard a howl and my heart sunk,Tusme was dead.Kiba and I looked at eachother on then we both jumped off the cliff after Darcia.When we reached the bottom of the cliff we saw Darcia we both charged athim but when Kiba saw Cheza hurt he ran over to her and left me alone to fight Darcia,I was again faceing Darcia but now it wasen't pure fear it was pure hate that over came me,and without thinking I charged at him,we both collided and he threw me back biteing my thigh but I bit his shoulder and he let go of me and I jumped on his back but he threw me off and I hit the ground hard and it knocked the wind out of me but I struggled to get back up but then he pinned me down with his paw and the time went in slow motion as he came down at my neck with his fangs bared,I suddenly had a flashback of when I was a pup then when I met Kiba then Hige,Toboe then Tusme,the last thing I heard was Kiba yelling"NO!!!",I then felt a small pain in my neck then my eyes where going blurry I couldn't hear after that then.....nothing.
Part four:Revalations
I woke up with the sun hitting my eyes,I then looked around and saw hige and then I saw blue then I saw Toboe he looked so happy,and then I saw Tusme he looked very happy to see me,I then looked behing me and saw Kiba I then stood up and thought "Mabye paradise is heaven not just a different place on earth,mabye we where just driven to find a new life,mabye.......",My voice trails off.
"They say there's no such place... as Paradise. Even if you search to the ends of the Earth, there's nothing there. No matter how far you walk, it's always the same road. It just goes on and on. But, in spite of that... Why am I so driven to find it? A voice calls to me... It says, "Search for Paradise."
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