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Full Metal Jousting Rp [Coming Soon!]

posted Mar 21, 2012 19:40:26 by Lady_Amaterasu
See here:


OC Bio's by members:

Lady Amaterasu/Knight Amaterasu's OC bio:

Name: Elizabeth Washington
Nickname: Liz, Lizzy, Lizard (by Head Coach; Rod Walker)
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Rank Among Fellow Teamates: Knight In Pink Armor (since she tends to be girly about things)
Eye Color: Aqua Blue
Hair Color: Black
Personality: You will find out
Other: Back home; Elizabeth owns three dogs, a horse, and a pet snake. She tends to hang out with Paul Suda from the Red Team. The two are good friends. (Yes, they let the teams go visit the other team’s sides. They’re not secluded..)
Crush: Rod Walker (Black Team’s head coach), or David Prewitt
Reputation: Good
Mount: Jefferson
Friends(s): Rope Myers, Jack Mathis, Mike Edwards, David Prewitt, Joshua Knowles, Josh Avery
Best Friend: Paul Suda (Red Team)
Enemy(s): Nathan Klassen, Joseph McKinley
Coaches: Rod Walker, Jeremy Oneail, Phillip Leitch
Occupation: Works as an Equestrian Vet
Team: Black Team
Jousting Status: Has good seating, but not the best hitter.
Technique: Elizabeth is more of a decent rider, and finds herself on the defensive against the more heavy weight jousters. She can take on an opponent her size and her weight, though her coaches tell her that it doesn’t matter how strong you are; it depends on how strong the hit is.
Years Riding, Etc.: Spent 3 years Show Jumping, 2 years Dressage, 1 year Theatrical Jousting with her older brother.


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